Where is Mercia?

In PaganLink terms, “Mercia” was the unofficial creation of the county representatives and co-UK map showing Merciaordinators of Herefordshire and Worcestershire (Rowan's patch), Warwickshire, Shropshire, West Midlands and Staffordshire who pooled and shared resources and efforts while it lasted.

Historically, the boundaries of the old kingdom of Mercia were elastic and depended on how strong its king of the day was compared to the kings of neighbouring kingdoms.

Today, WHITE DRAGON's Mercia covers the area from Manchester to Oxford and from the Welsh Marches to Nottingham and Northampton, serving pagans, witches, occultists and other readers interested in paganism, witchcraft, magic, sacred landcapes, mythology and folklore in Mercia and beyond with news, events and happenings plus articles and artwork.

[Mercian map, Copyright Dave Taylor 1996.]