What is White Dragon?

WHITE DRAGON began at Samhain 1993 as the modest 8-page, photocopied and side-stapled newsletter of the Mercian region of the now long-defunct PaganLink under the editorship of Rowan. When PaganLink collapsed nationally less than a year later the region also disbanded and it was agreed amongst the local co-ordinators that Rowan could keep White Dragon as no-one else wanted it. Never volunteer for anything. See where it leads.

Today it is a 36-page professionally printed pagan magazine which is still produced by Rowan who commissions most of the articles, plans and typesets the magazine, chats up the artists, deals with the printer, handles subscriptions, identifies and solicits books for review, distributes the magazine to subscribers and shops, licks the stamps, collects the debts, banks the dosh and is quite rightly blamed for anything which goes wrong. Even things lost in the post.


Who writes for White Dragon?

In short, people who have something to say which is worth reading and who actually know what the hell they're writing about.

WHITE DRAGON does not set out to publish material by the paganly famous (especially those famous merely for being famous) but rather seeks out those who actually have something worthwhile to say. Further, it deliberately encourages new writers from the fields of paganism, the occult and sacred landscapes to develop their ideas and to share them with the wider pagan etc community.

For historical reasons WHITE DRAGON has mostly published material of essentially Mercian interest and origin by:

  • writers and artists living and/or working in Mercia
  • Mercians in exile
The Editorial Policy is to continue to encourage and support Mercian writers, both established and new. However, articles by non-Mercians are published on subjects of which they have a special knowledge.

What's In It?

Each edition of WHITE DRAGON contains 4 or 5 articles on differing subject areas drawn from:
  • Pagan and occult thought, ideas and philosophy
  • Articles on virtually any pagan, occult and magickal themes and magical practice, eg from tree lore and herbalism, myth and shamanism, to runes, druids and druidry, kabbala and chaos magick
  • Earth mysteries, the sacred landscape and sacred sites
  • Mythology
  • Folklore and traditional customs and beliefs
  • Archaeology and history - from a pagan understanding and where relevant to pagan readers

Each edition also includes:

  • Flaming the Dragon otherwise, the Letters Page
  • The Environment Slot by Barry Walker
  • The Wotsons pages - packed with information about regular events, moots, groups and contacts in the Midlands and occasional events all over the country.
  • Reviews - fair and honest but uncompromisingly scathing where appropriate. If a book (or recording) is crap, WHITE DRAGON will say so!
  • The Odds 'n' Sods pages - full of news on archaeological discoveries, new ideas about history, environmental and ecological news and the odd kinky vicar report.

    Not for fluffy bunnies

The following are not published as these areas are adequately covered by other magazines:

  • Fiction
  • Poetry (except invocations which are an integral part of a published ritual)
  • Recipes
  • Spells