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Published by Simon Weiser at £11.99. 321 pp. ISBN: 0-87728-869-0

This is a most welcome reprint of a book which deserves to be on more folks' bookshelves. While medical herbalism has made something of a comeback amongs pagans in recent years, the application of herbal knowledge to incense-making has been seriously neglected - which is somewhat surprising considering both how much of the stuff a practising magickian or witch uses and the cost of it from a commercial supplier.

While most serious magickal practitioners will be most interested in making loose incense, the book also deals with making sticks and cones and contains a useful round-up of the most common and widely available ingredients and their correspondences, plus a wide variety of recipes for various festivals, planetary associations, working with specific Gods and Goddesses and assorted ritual scenarios. Some of the ingredients are specifically used in the US and may be more difficult to acquire in the UK but otherwise exactly what it says - a useful magical primer. Recommended for anyone wanting to discover (and understand) the basic hows of making their own incense.