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STRAIGHT TRACK, CROOKED ROAD - Leys, Spirit Paths and Shamanism

By Alby Stone, published by Heart of Albion Press at £9.95 + 80p+p. 90pp. ISBN: 1-872883-5-8. (Reviewed by David Taylor)

In the past few years the study of leys and Earth Mysteries has undergone something of a revolution. From the "energy lines" of the 1970s, we have the concept of shamanic spirit flight over the sacred landscape today. This new theory in essence sees the straight linear alignments around the world as vestiges of shamanic spirit flight and contact with the otherworld. Researchers such as Paul Devereux and journals like The Ley Hunter have built up an impressive amount of material which seems to be support this new idea.

In his book, however, Alby Stone examines the evidence for shamanic spirit lines and leys and remains unconvinced. He draws attention to world wide shamanic traditions which do not see shamanic spirit flight as straight, suc has the shame(?) Mongol shamam who describes a "blocked and crooked up road", and even classical Greece where the soul's journey after death is described as anything but straight. To put it simply, Alby believes that there is no great worldwide tradition of straight line chamanic spirit flight; indeed there is at least as much emphasis on crooked paths.

This book is already causing a storm in Earth Mysteries circles. You know with an Alby Stone book that you are dealing with honest, well researched material presented in an easy style. And if that wasn't enough, the book is endorsed by Professor Ronald Hutton, Nigel Pennick and John Michell. If you want to stay on the cutting ege, then this book is a must for your bookshelf.