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By Philip Heselton, published by Capall Bann at £10.95. 208pp. ISBN: 1-898307-40-7

Philip is a self-professed pagan and the long-standing joint editor of Markstone, the Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire earth mysteries magazine, and his knowledge of, and love for, the sacred landscape shines out of every page. As well as writing in depth from his own experiences with the spirit of the landscape, Philip quotes extensively from the experiences of others, many of whom will be well known to the reader.

This is one of the most unassuming but profound books I've come across in yonks and is full of sound and thoroughly down-to-earth advice for today's modern urban pagan, both in terms of simply developing or deepening a relationship with the spirits, guardians and energies of the landscape and in seeking to make the leap from indoor to outdoor working, particularly for long-term ritual use. He makes the point very well that success in approaches to the Goddess and the God (or indeed to any part of the natural world) is not a right that can be demanded but a reward for effort and a privilege. Seriously thought-provoking, this book is a breath of fresh air compared to much of the wank-a-tree and shove-a-crystal-up-your-arse drivel currently being churned out for the pagan market.

Illustrated with (for the most part) acceptably reproduced black and white photographs. Whoopee! No substandard line drawings! So buy it!