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WITCH AMONGST US - The Autobiography of a Witch

By Lois Bourne, published by Hale at £6.99. 206pp. ISBN: 0-7090-3761-9. (Originally published in 1979.)

Written by a well-known Gardnerian, this book has been available on and off for some 15 years and I originally read it some years ago. As previously, I found it rather shallow and boastful in tone and I suspect that its main appeal will be to "outsiders", ie the general public. In fact it's more about psychism and spiritualism than about witchcraft in any form.

Its flavour is essentially anecdotal, the book being packed with reminscences about the spells she has cast (inevitably virtually all of them successful) and with the usual public-consumption stuff about "white" and "black" witchcraft and the obligatory scary encounter with a "Satanist". However she does have one or two pertinent comments about accepted 'wisdoms' - for example on the subject of reincarnation she writes "I find great difficulty in believing something simply because everyone else does."

Overall, this really doesn't merit a reprint - it's strictly Women's Weekly stuff and it was a waste of good trees, Messrs Hale!