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By Paul Devereux, published by Vega at £12.99. 174pp. ISBN: 1-84333-594-8. (Reviewed by David Taylor)

I have come to the conclusion that Paul Devereux lives in another dimension where no one ever sleeps! How else do you explain Paul's mammoth output of books, articles, lectures and research! Any lesser author would occasionally write the odd turkey. Not Paul. His latest book is another tour de force of archaic landscapes (and mindscapes), history, archaeology as well as summaries of some of the latest research on these subjects, confirming Paul to be at the cutting edge of the subject.

I have to say that originally reviewing a book on America was not my cup of tea. America after all is Disneyland, Big Macs etc. How wrong can you be! As soon as I picked this book up, I couldn't put it down. Paul chronicles the history of America, from theories of Viking and Welsh explorers pre-dating Columba through to Shamanic practices and Native American ceremonial sites. What Paul does well is combine all of these subjects to produce an extremely readable account of the latest research.

One of the most interesting parts of the book for me, was the detailed examination of several ceremonial sites, including Teotihuacan in Mexico, Mound City in Ohio, Tiahuanaco in Peru and probably most famously of all, Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. Paul brings together not only his own research at these sites, but the research of others, giving detailed accounts of how, for example, ancient cultures used rock art, light, shadow and shamanism to produce a holistic lifestyle.

I found myself reading this book and automatically applying Paul's research to this country, and how Native American shamanic practices could help us reconnect with a sense of the sacred in our own landscape. If you need it spelling out to you any more - make this book an important addition to your bookshelf.