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Stanton Drew - Map 172 - ST 601634

3 Stone circles in various states of repair, an avenue, and a cove in the garden of the Druid's Arms pub. The complex is just south of the river Chew. Known locally as "The Weddings", the stones were alledgedly a party turned to stone for their revelling into Saturday night and through to Sunday morning. All sounds a bit christian to me, but there you are!

Stanton Drew - The Weddings

The circles are quite large, the middle sized one being pictured above. The parking is limited so don't take a convoy of cars. The entrance to the field is gated with a conscience box (50p per person). To get to the cove, you have to buy a pint at the Druid's Arms, not too much problem for most.

On 10th November 1997, archaeologists announced the discovery of a vast and elaborate Neolithic temple, said to be as significant as Stonehenge, has been discovered in Somerset. English Heritage discovered the site during a routine scan using magnetometers. The circular site, surrounded by an enormous ditch, stretches 100 yards across and appears to have been built from 500 wooden posts, each weighing five tons. Archaeologists said it was the most significant find in British pre-history archaeology since the 1967 excavation of a timber temple of Durrington Walls, near Stonehenge. Further information regarding the site can be found at English Heritage