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Alderley Edge - Map 118 - SJ 388778

The Wizard RestaurantSandstone ridge looking westwards over the Cheshire Plain, with massive beech trees on the eastern slope and steep rocky outcrops. The landscape as a whole was made famous by Alan Garner in his various novels, eg The Owl Service and The Weirdstone of Brisingamen. Famous also for the "Wizard of Alderley Edge" who (allegedly) provided the wishing well whose water drips into a stone trough with the words "Drink of this and take thy fill, for the water falls by the Wizard's will" carved on the rock above, along with a face - supposedly that of the wizard. Alternatively, have a pint at The Wizard restaurant!

The wizard is (of course!) Merlin, who, according to a local tale, once attempted to buy a white horse from a local man for the stables of King Arthur who, with his knights, lies sleeping in a cavern beneath the Edge.

Decidedly "weird" and otherworldly atmosphere much of the time, spoilt at festivals by the ridge being turned into an adventure playground for theatrical wannabe-wiccans from surrounding towns.