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Abbots Bromley

The Horn Dance outside The Crown InnThe sets of reindeer antlers used for the annual Abbots Bromley Horn Dance are kept high up on the south wall inside the church. The dance itself takes place on the Monday after the Sunday after 4th September. The most pagan-friendly pub in the village is The Crown Inn , where you can turn up in full regalia if you wish and the landlord won't bat an eyelid.



Ilam - SK 137514 - Ashbourne

St Bertram's Well is a small spring which rises below an ash tree known as St Bertram's Ash. St Bertram's tomb was in the church. The spring is not easy to find because there is no well housing and the water rises from under a flat stone, but it is still the subject of pilgrimage today. Take the footpath past Townend Farm where it will be found half way up a hillside north of the village. No known healing etc associations.


  • Lichfield Cathedral - Plethora of Green Man carvings amongs the bosses of the roof, especially in the choir.
  • St Chad's Well at Stowe on the northern edge of the city centre. The well is in St Chad's churchyard and was named for the first bishop of Lichfield in 669ce. Chad is reputedly buried near the spring which he had used for baptisms and it was, until the 19th century, decorated with flowers and greenery on Ascension Day.

Lud Church - near Gradbach, Dane Valley

A narrow and steep-sided gorge which is considered by many writers to be the site of the Green Chapel at which Sir Gawain kept his appointment with the Green Knight in the esoteric medieval poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

“For many years a life-sized statue of a woman in long robes stood on a ledge about 20 or so feet up the side of the gorge, but it disappeared some years ago. It is something of a mystery as to who put her there and what happened to her. The gorge also appears to have another guardian spirit - a white owl who was seen on a number of occasions, sitting on the branch of a tree, close to the entrance of the gorge. The owl has also not been seen for a while, and she may have been deterred by the increasing number of visitors.”

This site is virtually impossible to find - a large scale OS map of the area and a car are essential. Parking is available about a mile away followed by a walk up through the woods. However, the site has recently been sign-posted by the National Park authorities.